Talea is a project that takes root in a neighborhood where the roots are already solid and strong.

Precotto is a historic neighbourhood in northern Milan, situated on both sides of Viale Monza and close to Scalo Greco Breda—the city’s former freight yard included in the major redevelopment project Reinventing Cities. It is a residential neighbourhood with a strong character, and is loved by residents for the range of services and small businesses it offers.

Talea sits right in the centre of Precotto, three minutes from the underground stop on the M1 red line. The Precotto stop is twenty minutes or ten underground stops from Piazza Duomo, and fifteen minutes or seven underground stops from the Central Station. The Milano Greco Pirelli station is also close by.

“The 15-Minute City”

In Precotto, “the 15-Minute City” concept becomes a reality: the neighbourhood offers supermarkets and small businesses of all kinds, as well as schools and post offices. Next-door to Talea is the Rucellai park, a green area that will soon be completely redesigned and redeveloped. A short walk will take you to the Bicocca district, where the University and the Hangar are located. From public transport to shops, from green areas to cultural venues—everything is but a stone’s throw away.

Areas of interest

Pirelli Hangar Bicocca
University of Milan Bicocca

Accadueò Swimming Pool
c/o Fondazione Luce

Public parks
Rucellai Park (under construction)
Giacometti / Gilardi Park

Means of transport
Milan Greco Pirelli railway station
Underground MM1 Precotto stop
Bus 51, 81, 86, 174
Tram 7

Motorways and ring roads
A4 Turin – Trieste
Ring roads

Sport – Accadueò Swimming Pool
c/o Fondazione Luce, Via Rucellai 36

Few minutes far away

Hangar Bicocca

Non-profit foundation, established in 2004, promoting contemporary art.

INNESTO Scalo Greco Breda

Winner of “C40 Reinventing Cities” contest.

Università degli Studi Milano

Bachelor’s and master’s degree

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Building innovation

Building innovation

Impresa Rusconi is a historic construction company that has been operating in Milan for over one hundred years. Today it combines the culture and excellence of building with entrepreneurial skills and financial knowledge that have made it a key player of the Milanese urban transformation.